How do I force recalibration for my MilTouch™ touchscreen?

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How do I force recalibration for my MilTouch™ touchscreen?
To force a recalibration of the MilTouch controller, you will need to plug the Recalibration Dongle, part number: 10YMTOUCHR, into port J21.


If you have a software version earlier than 30016, the force calibrate function will not work. You will need to get a newer software version for your MilTouch controller. Please contact Milnor Technical Support (504) 467-9591 or
Software Version
  1. Open the display casing of the controller to locate J21 on the back side of the MilTouch processor display assembly.

    J21 Location
  2. Turn the machine off and plug in the Recalibration Dongle into J21. The dongle, shown below, is part number: 10YMTOUCHR.                                                 Force Calibration Dongle 
  3. Turn the machine on.  Wait until you see the calibration crosshairs.  Then remove the dongle.  
  4. You should see a black screen that says "TSLIB calibration utility Touch crosshair to calibrate". Touch each crosshair as it appears. The use of a stylus or the end of a pen is recommended to reduce the possibility of generating multiple inputs with one touch.

    Calibration Layout
  5. After calibrating, a message will appear "Is the calibration correct?". Test the touch functionality of the area around the dialogue box. If everything is satisfactory, click the “Check Mark” button. 
  6. The machine will then reboot and launch the MilTouch software. 



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